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Wait Less, Enjoy More

The cashless payment app for events

Explore the ease of cashless events

With Rapio, you can order and pay for your drinks using your smartphone, all while enjoying your event to the fullest. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily browse the available drinks, place your order and pick it up at the bar once it’s ready.

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Order drinks on your smartphone, pay securely using major online payment methods and pick up your drinks at the bar when they're ready.

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Super efficient

Wait Less, Enjoy More

Say goodbye to long queues at the bar. With Rapio, you can order drinks without ever leaving your spot. Whether you're at a music festival, sports event, or any other type of gathering, Rapio ensures that you can enjoy your drinks hassle-free.

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Secure payments

Secure payments

With Rapio, all payments can be made securely through the app, so guests can leave their cash and wallets at home without having to worry about not being able to purchase drinks or food.

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Advantages for event organizers

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Secure safety

By using a cashless payment system, event organizers can reduce the risk of theft and fraud. Cashless transactions are more secure and less prone to theft or loss, which means more money in the organizer's pocket and less risk of financial loss.

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Improve experience

The Rapio app allows for a more personalized and streamlined customer service experience. Guests can easily order and pay for their drinks, and the event staff can focus on making the drinks and providing excellent customer service. This leads to happier guests and better customer ratings for the event.

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Increase sales

Rapio helps to increase sales by reducing and removing long queues at the bar. According to research, long lines discourage people from buying products and reducing wait times can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Work with us

At Rapio, we understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability when it comes to event planning. That's why we offer a swift and hassle-free setup process for our cashless payment system.

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